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2minutes walk from JR Yaizu Station south exit. It is a hot bathing facility,the access to the center city is also smooth.
You can store luggages temporarily! It can also beused for sightseeing stations.
Hospitality with full services such as Free Wifi.You can stay untill morning,23hours open!


Natural Kuroshio Hot Spring

So-called "hotwater" with excellent moisture retention at high temperature. Weak alkaline natural hot spring with chloride fountain with high skin beautification effect.

Bubble bath

Region's first! Millions of bubbles envelop the whole body and gently massage. Shape your skin texture and moist.

Radium Sauna

Relaxing mind and body with far infrared function.Heat will transmit to the deep part of the body

Kuroshio library

Please enjoy the "comfort of heaven" at the magical sofa"Yogibo" which makes your body lazy.

Recliner room

Shared room・Female only room equipped. Please spend are laxing morning with as lightly larger reclining seat.


〒 425-0027

1 Chome-13-1 Sakaemachi,Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka-ken


HOURS 10:00AM~9:00AM

Ekichika Onsen,Kuroshio


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